The Algorithm is Changing, The Algorithm is Changing!


It is all about the links, always

It is all about the links, always

Last week Google announced that they had made forty changes to Google search. In this list there were a number of spelling and related term changes and a reasonable amount of alterations relating to image search, spiking queries and document age. Local search, official site identification and introducing Google’s product search to more markets were also mentioned in passing. There was also one point about a ranking factor for links being turned off. Guess which one most of the SEO community were discussing.

The comic was originally done for a blog post of mine, “Won’t Someone Think of the Links?

This week Google’s search blog, Inside Search, announced a number of changes that were rolled out during February. Apparently one of them was about links. Unsurprisingly, this change was the one that received the most immediate attention, and generated the largest number of blog posts. Which is not too bad for a single paragraph that really does not say a lot…

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