Bad PR from Mistimed Optimism


Being accurate makes it worse

Being accurate makes it worse

Recently a PR professional made the mistake of pointing out how the cuts at News ltd and Fairfax will affect her industry in a frank and slightly positive way. This was a mistake. Her guest post on the media news site didn’t say anything offensive, and the points raised were defensible. If you read it as a piece of commentary written from one industry’s perspective.

However, this is the Internet, the dominant discourse was sympathetic to newspapers in general and there was no chance it would be seen as a reasonable-ish, if slightly too cheerful, throw-away post. It should be no surprise that it drew a wide range of annoyed commentators letting loose with a decent amount of vitriol. Which inevitably led to an apology, shortly followed by everyone forgetting it and getting angry over the next cause or media misstep du jour.

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