It can’t be a Conspiracy Theory if it’s True


It isn't a conspiracy theory if it's true

It isn’t a conspiracy theory if it’s true

The NSA has had a fairly bad week. First their fairly broad collection of phone data came to light, followed by information on a program called PRISM which seems to exist to streamline collecting data from some rather large online companies. Like Google. And Facebook.

PRISM is likely to be the more significant leak, especially considering what it might do to expectations of security and privacy for cloud based services and what this might do to the USA’s place in this market.

However this is also a great example of why conspiracy theorists are practically guarenteed to be wrong. Large organisations can not keep secrets. After all, if a huge intelligence organisation can not keep it’s own controversial projects secret, how on earth can they be expected to cover up fake moon landings or mermaids?

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