Jumping off the Quora Bandwagon

It was fun until you stopped me gaming it

It was fun until you stopped me gaming it

There is this site called Quora. It has been around a little bit in a fairly low key way. And then it become popular, and at least one person hailed it as the biggest blogging innovation in 10 years. Which is odd. Because it isn’t really a blog. It isn’t even an open platform.

A certain well known blogger, Scoble, took to Quora with a passion. Posting questions, answers, linking back to his own content and generally having a lot of fun with it. Right up until it turned out that he was doing it wrong. Then he wrote another blog post.

A reponse detailing how he got it wrong appeared on a Quora blog, and mentioned that his gaming of Quora lead to “…objectively more sophisticated answers languishing below the fold.” Even Techcrunch had something to say on the matter. In a final post on the topic, Scoble detailed how he gamed Quora to ensure he was the top response. He also outlined why he linked to his own content, mostly because it was his, and how it didn’t matter anyway, because he had better things to do.

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