Other People’s Ground Breaking New Innovations

What Won't Developers Copy?

What Won’t Developers Copy?

Apple used this year’s WWDC to announce a number of revolutionary new changes coming to iOS7. Fortunately these have been thoroughly tested by other manufacturers, developers, and Apple’s own third party developers, so you can be certain that they are worthwhile.

For example, Apple took BB10’s back swipe function, Android and Windows’ flat, non-skeuomorphic design aesthetic, Mailbox’s interface and a tab layout in Safari that looks a lot like Chrome’s.

‘Borrowing’ from competitors is nothing new for any of the major tech companies, but paying ‘homage’ to developers in your own ecosystem is certainly a novel, new and exciting approach.

At least Apple’s sources of inspiration can take solace in this butchered quote. Assuming they still have a business in a few months:

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then they copy your stuff, then you win.