Apparently they let Pregnant Women run Companies


They might get mumps!

They might get mumps!

Yahoo! has managed to recruit a senior Google executive as their new CEO, and one who was responsible for some of Google’s most widely used products. The new Yahoo! CEO also happens to be a women and pregnant too, not that you could tell from how it has been reported.

Between discussions on how Marissa’s new job changes all the things for women, and thinly veiled hand-wringing over her planned short, working, maternal leave, nuanced views were rare. It is interesting that what is actually a bit of a win for Yahoo! in poaching a young, talented executive from Google is mostly being discussed from a gender perspective. And one featuring very divisive views.

Yahoo!’s latest earnings call has also managed to pass without much comment with the discussion about pregnant CEOs and what this means to whatever else looks good in a title.

Incidently, the source for “They might get mumps!” is an episode of Yes Minister titled “Equal Opportunities” (script).

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