Only Unpopular People use RSS


Everything is better with more baby photos

Everything is better with more baby photos

Google is going to kill Google Reader. Unsuprisingly the response is mixed. On the one hand some people say that social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have replaced RSS readers. And anyway it is far too hard for normal people and they could never understand something so complicated. Clicking a subscribe link is practically rocket surgery.

On the other side there are those that are mourning the loss of the best posible way to consume all the content in the world and plug it into your brain like some kind of text powered cyborg. While giving you super powers. Such as avoiding Iranian censorship. It can also send traffic, something Google+ appears to fail at.

Fortunately it seems that others have spotted the gap in the market and are rushing to fill it. Or at the very least state that they plan to.*

* All links referenced were found via my Tech News RSS folder. In Google Reader

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