Keep it Safe with Google Keep*


This time you know it is for keeps.

This time you know it is for keeps.

A week after Google announced the closure of Google Reader, the company has offered another brand new way to organise your life and information online. They even gave this service a seemingly ironic name, given the general pessimism and lack of trust some sections of the Internet currently have toward Google’s non-core services.

Kind of like a stunted version of Evernote with most of the features removed, Google Keep makes it easy for users to store text, images, audio and to-do lists for as long as they can be bothered to keep yet another service without ads running. What is more, they have gifted the Internet with an awesome product name just made for bad jokes. Especially when viewed in the context of their latest round of spring cleaning.

* Google makes no guarantee that it will keep Google Keep online. Google reserves the right to close Google Keep should it be unsuccessful, should Google be unable to place ads on it, or after Evernote has been ground to dust and the product vertical itself left a desolate wasteland.

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