Bing Cheating off of Google’s SERPs


Just don't mention AdSense or the content farms

Just don’t mention AdSense or the content farms

February has been a very interesting month for search, with Google accusing Bing of cheating at a search panel, and publishing a lot of screenshots to support this statement.

Google opened with a post on their blog after the talk, to which Bing responded.

Google and TripAdvisor’s fight over content never really came up. I guess reviews are not the same as search results.

As a point of interest, Google previously said this of a site’s position in search: “we do not have the capability to manually change it.” Anyway, in all the excitement everyone seems to have forgotten what the search panel was expected to be about.

Hopefully all these links make things a little clearer than the mainstream media has, or at the very least, provide a bit more depth to the discussion.

I should just rename the comic “Strawman Deathmatch.”

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