Leaping from the Burning Platform into the Burning Sea


Know that thing where Apple upgrades all their iPhones to the same iOS? Yeah, that.

Know that thing where Apple upgrades all their iPhones to the same iOS? Yeah, that.

In a sense Nokia has been left holding the bag. Or to be more specific, a lot of now obsolete stock. Announcing Windows Phone 8 with no upgrade for existing WP7 handsets (Ok, they get an upgrade to 7.8. Now try selling someone that as a feature.) effectively killed Nokia’s existing handsets. Well, kills them more.

While it is arguable that Android handsets sometimes have the same problems, it is also worth remembering that the exact version of the OS on those phones is rarely emphasised. Unlike the WP7 range. With even Elop acknowledging that there are some issues with carriers regarding the WP7 handsets they have been trying to shift and more quarters of losses expected, it is probably fair to say that Microsoft isn’t really helping. But that is ok, Microsoft is making their own hardware now anyway.

Just one more thing, you can now get yourself this decade’s New Coke moment for just one cent now from Amazon. One whole Cent.

Edit: This comic was also used over on the Communities Dominate Brands blog, and I am very very flattered.

4 responses to “Leaping from the Burning Platform into the Burning Sea

  1. The sad thing is that the Lumia 800 and 900 are actually quite decent hardware. The OS is a little quirky in places but still pleasant to use. If I had paid for my device though, I would be most annoyed with both Microsoft and Nokia about the lack of upgrade path.

    Only way I would recommend the device to anyone is if they got it free, or cheap enough that it could be replaced in 6 months by a WP8 device,

    Cynogenmod in a Lumia would also be an interesting prospect given the solid hardware.

    Time Nokia fires Elop and saves what little of their business is left.

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  3. What’s the difference between compatibility on WP, Anroid, iOS?

    I just tried to purchase Navionics for my iPhone 3G. No way because of Apple supports no newest iOS for 3G ans many app vendors requires the newest one.

    All the new versions of Anroid, iOS and WP can run older apps but not vice versa.

    Anyway, MS made a huge mistake with timing and details of announcement as well as in version numbering.

  4. @Justin

    The Lumia hardware is taken and more or less exactly the same like the N9 except few things like bluetooth and NFC are missing on Lumia.


    80% or so of Android-users are still on Android 2. Only <10% are on Android 4.
    ALL the Android apps on google play work fine on Android 2. So, on Androod the apps ARE down- and upwards compatible. Makes sense if you do not limit your appa to only <10% of Android users but like to reach most of them.

    I do not know much abouy iphone but did read all newer versions got and get newer iOs versions, no? Well, at least it seems to be that when you buy an iphone you can be sure there is support and things work at least as long as your contractcontract runs (2 years). Iphone 3GS came 2009, so 3 years now.